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The focus of our website is sexual self-control and optimization of the human sexual experience.  The basis for our sexual philosophy is both ethical and scientific.  The core of our ethical foundation is the Bible.  At the same time we reference both Freud and Jung and those who have followed in their footsteps and improved upon their thinking.  More important than these psychological pioneers and their intellectual descendants is the science of Pneumiatry (Biblical Psychiatry), which includes a mountain of empirical (experimental [real-life]), scientific data and information.  In plain English:

We are smarter than everyone else in the subjects of self-control and intimate relationships.

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How Gays Twist a Child's Mind

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Auto-Intoxication (Drunk Without Alcohol)

It is possible to be drunk without having ingested alcohol.  Auto-intoxication is the state of being drunk without having ingested alcohol.

Intoxication in sexual matters makes it harder, though not impossible, to do what is right in sexual matters.  If you find yourself intoxicated, whether actually intoxicated or auto-intoxicated, you should immediately do what is necessary to end your state of intoxication.  Also, you should live by the rule of never doing anything that causes any kind of intoxication.

Is God Stronger Than Sex?

Is God stronger than sex?  This is, of course, an interesting question.  First, yes, God is stronger than sex.  However, God has established natural laws; for example, the law of gravity and the laws of thermodynamics (if you drop something, it falls to the ground; if you stop eating, you eventually die).  God virtually always enforces his natural laws.

Now, God has established natural laws that govern human sexuality.  Some of these laws are physical, some are psychological.  One of the psychological laws is the “Law of Sexual Disinhibition,” which we can also call the “Law of Sexual Stupidity.”  The “Law of Sexual Disinhibition” states:

If a person is surprised with a physical, sexual interaction, it is possible for them to suddenly lose the ability to care about doing what is right in a specific way.

In plain English, if one suddenly experiences an unexpected, physical, sexual interaction with a person with whom it is a sin to have such sexual interaction, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, they may be unable to care about refraining from other sinful, sexual activity that they suddenly desire to engage in.  This is why, in the Bible, in Genesis 39:12, Joseph fled a woman who had grabbed him by his coat in an effort to seduce him, leaving his coat in her hands as he fled.

How To Stop Masturbating (Major Update)

Definition of Masturbation

Masturbation is physical, sexual self-stimulation involving physical and/or mental “pornography” (any partially and/or fully nude image or images) of anyone other than your spouse (wife or husband).

Human Male Biology

Apart from any kind of sexual experience, the male body expels a measure of stored “seed” periodically during urination. Sexual need in the male does not arise from excessive “seed.”

How To Prevent Masturbation

1. Contain (suppress) your sexual desire.
2. Do not use pornography.
3. Eliminate sexually stimulating experience, which varies from person to person and over time.
4. Minimize (reduce) sexually stimulating experience.
5. Pursue a spouse (wife or husband).

The next section has been struck out (“removed”) because new data, information, and insights have debunked (disproven) its contents.

Residual Masturbation

Residual masturbation is masturbation that occurs while a person is seeking to prevent their masturbation (see “How To Prevent Masturbation” section above). God deals with this type of masturbation differently than other masturbation. See the remaining sections below for more information about residual masturbation.

What God Does

1. There is a difference between guilt and blame. Guilt says you did wrong. Blame says you will be chastised and/or punished for doing wrong.
2. Masturbation is always wrong. You will always feel guilty sometime after the masturbation (unless you have desensitized your conscience regarding masturbation).

The next section has been struck out (“removed”) because new data, information, and insights have debunked (disproven) its contents.

3. Masturbation does not always bring blame. You will not always be chastised and/or punished for masturbation. If you are seeking to avoid masturbation and you masturbate, your masturbation (residual masturbation) will not bring blame. If you are seeking to avoid masturbation and you masturbate, you will not be chastised and/or punished for your masturbation (residual masturbation).

The next section has been struck out (“removed”) because new data, information, and insights have debunked (disproven) its contents.

Why God Does Not Chastise Or Punish You For Your Residual Masturbation

Residual masturbation does not spring from choice, which can be implicit or explicit. It springs from a force or forces (psy-latitude forces, not psy-anarchy forces) at work in you. Without choice, implicit or explicit, there is no blame (blame results in chastisement and/or punishment), though there is still guilt. Note that the forces mentioned above can never make you do anything that, directly and/or indirectly, embarrasses and/or harms yourself and/or another person or persons.

The next section has been partially struck out (“removed”) because new data, information, and insights have debunked (disproven) some of its contents.

Why God Allows Your Residual Masturbation

God made human beings with the drive to build families. Therefore, he does not fully suppress this drive. If he did, the human race would have to die out.

Is Sexual Pleasure The Strongest Pleasure?

It will shock you to learn that sexual pleausre is not the strongest pleasure a human being can experience.  The strongest pleasure a human being can experience is totally nonsexual.  The strongest pleasure a human being can experience is olimincaelis (pronounced “oh-lim-in-kay-liss”).  See Dr. Michael Bisconti’s free book Olimincaelis: