How To Stop Masturbating (Major Update 2)

Definition of Masturbation

Masturbation is unreal sexual intercourse engagaged in without a sexual partner.

Scientifically speaking, masturbation is physical, sexual self-stimulation involving physical and/or mental “pornography” (any partially and/or fully nude image or images) of anyone other than your spouse (wife or husband).

Human Male Biology

Apart from any kind of sexual experience, the male body expels a measure of stored “seed” periodically during urination. Sexual need in the male does not arise from excessive “seed.”

How To Prevent Masturbation

1. Contain (suppress) your sexual desire.
2. Do not use pornography.
3. Eliminate sexually stimulating experience, which varies from person to person and over time.
4. Minimize (reduce) sexually stimulating experience.
5. Pursue a spouse (wife or husband).

What God Does

1. There is a difference between guilt and blame. Guilt says you did wrong. Blame says you will be chastised and/or punished for doing wrong.
2. Masturbation is always wrong. You will always feel guilty sometime after the masturbation (unless you have desensitized your conscience regarding masturbation). Note that something can be wrong whether or not there is a biblical commandment against it.

Family Building Drive

God made human beings with the drive to build families.

Is Sexual Pleasure The Strongest Pleasure?

It will shock you to learn that sexual pleausre is not the strongest pleasure a human being can experience.  The strongest pleasure a human being can experience is totally nonsexual.  The strongest pleasure a human being can experience is olimincaelis (pronounced “oh-lim-in-kay-liss”).  See Dr. Michael Bisconti’s free book Olimincaelis: