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Laws of Sexual Karate

Brainstrike Law
Intense sexual need causes brainstrike (unconscious, partial amnesia).
Law of Stupidity
Brainstrike causes sexual stupidity (unconscious inability to think correctly).
Law of Sex
Sex is not the only supwan (supremely wonderful experience).
Law of Good
One supwan is as good as another.
Law of God
God promises supwan to anyone who respects him above all others and does what is right.

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Auto-Intoxication (Drunk Without Alcohol)

It is possible to be drunk without having ingested alcohol.  Auto-intoxication is the state of being drunk without having ingested alcohol.

Intoxication in sexual matters makes it harder, though not impossible, to do what is right in sexual matters.  If you find yourself intoxicated, whether actually intoxicated or auto-intoxicated, you should immediately do what is necessary to end your state of intoxication.  Also, you should live by the rule of never doing anything that causes any kind of intoxication.