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Laws of Sexual Karate

Brainstrike Law
Intense sexual need causes brainstrike (unconscious, partial amnesia).
Law of Stupidity
Brainstrike causes sexual stupidity (unconscious inability to think correctly).
Law of Sex
Sex is not the only supwan (supremely wonderful experience).
Law of Good
One supwan is as good as another.
Law of God
God promises supwan to anyone who respects him above all others and does what is right.

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Auto-Intoxication (Drunk Without Alcohol)

It is possible to be drunk without having ingested alcohol.  Auto-intoxication is the state of being drunk without having ingested alcohol.

Intoxication in sexual matters makes it harder, though not impossible, to do what is right in sexual matters.  If you find yourself intoxicated, whether actually intoxicated or auto-intoxicated, you should immediately do what is necessary to end your state of intoxication.  Also, you should live by the rule of never doing anything that causes any kind of intoxication.

Is God Stronger Than Sex?

Is God stronger than sex?  This is, of course, an interesting question.  First, yes, God is stronger than sex.  However, God has established natural laws; for example, the law of gravity and the laws of thermodynamics (if you drop something, it falls to the ground; if you stop eating, you eventually die).  God virtually always enforces his natural laws.

Now, God has established natural laws that govern human sexuality.  Some of these laws are physical, some are psychological.  One of the psychological laws is the “Law of Sexual Disinhibition,” which we can also call the “Law of Sexual Stupidity.”  The “Law of Sexual Disinhibition” states:

If a person is surprised with a physical, sexual interaction, it is possible for them to suddenly lose the ability to care about doing what is right in a specific way.

In plain English, if one suddenly experiences an unexpected, physical, sexual interaction with a person with whom it is a sin to have such sexual interaction, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, they may be unable to care about refraining from other sinful, sexual activity that they suddenly desire to engage in.  This is why, in the Bible, in Genesis 39:12, Joseph fled a woman who had grabbed him by his coat in an effort to seduce him, leaving his coat in her hands as he fled.

How To Stop Masturbating (Major Update 2)

Definition of Masturbation

Masturbation is unreal sexual intercourse engagaged in without a sexual partner.

Scientifically speaking, masturbation is physical, sexual self-stimulation involving physical and/or mental “pornography” (any partially and/or fully nude image or images) of anyone other than your spouse (wife or husband).

Human Male Biology

Apart from any kind of sexual experience, the male body expels a measure of stored “seed” periodically during urination. Sexual need in the male does not arise from excessive “seed.”

How To Prevent Masturbation

1. Contain (suppress) your sexual desire.
2. Do not use pornography.
3. Eliminate sexually stimulating experience, which varies from person to person and over time.
4. Minimize (reduce) sexually stimulating experience.
5. Pursue a spouse (wife or husband).

What God Does

1. There is a difference between guilt and blame. Guilt says you did wrong. Blame says you will be chastised and/or punished for doing wrong.
2. Masturbation is always wrong. You will always feel guilty sometime after the masturbation (unless you have desensitized your conscience regarding masturbation). Note that something can be wrong whether or not there is a biblical commandment against it.

Family Building Drive

God made human beings with the drive to build families.

Is Sexual Pleasure The Strongest Pleasure?

It will shock you to learn that sexual pleausre is not the strongest pleasure a human being can experience.  The strongest pleasure a human being can experience is totally nonsexual.  The strongest pleasure a human being can experience is olimincaelis (pronounced “oh-lim-in-kay-liss”).  See Dr. Michael Bisconti’s free book Olimincaelis:


Sexual Craving Causes Temporary Mental Gullibility

Our Institute of Human Sexuality has just completed a 50-year study of human sexuality encompassing (including) every race, nationality, and country on earth. The study surveyed and tracked a million people for 50 years. One major finding is:

Sexual craving causes temporary mental gullibility.

A craving is a powerful desire for something. A sexual craving is a powerful desire for sexual interaction. Gullibility is the state of one who can be persuaded by false reasoning to believe something that is not true. Temporary mental gullibility is the state of one who can be persuaded by their own false reasoning to believe something that is not true. Here is an example of fallacious (false) reasoning by a person in a state of temporary mental gullibility:

  1. Choices are mental images. (This is a falsehood.)
  2. If I have no mental images, I cannot choose. (This is a falsehood.)
  3. If I cannot choose, I cannot deliberately sin. (This is an absurdity [a truth based on a falsehood].)
  4. I have no mental images. (This can be true.)
  5. Therefore, I cannot commit sexual sin. (This is false even though it is logical.)
  6. Therefore, I am free to try to engage in any sexual activity I want. (This is false even though it is logical.)

We see in our example above that the person comes to a conclusion that can result in sinful, sexual activity. Remember, only sex between a man and a woman who are married is approved by God. This is the tradition of the human race, encompasses the biological drive of the human race, encompasses principles of psychiatry, and encompasses one conclusion of our 50-year study but, most important, this is what the Bible teaches.

The main lesson to take away from this article is:

Never try to justify (reason to a conclusion that an act would not be a sin) a sexual activity while you are in a state of sexual craving.

Is The Mind Governed By The Laws Of Physics?

Is the mind governed by the laws of physics?  No, of course not.  The mind is governed by the laws of the psyche, which were established by God.  For example, let us say there are two chairs in front of you and one is red and one is blue.  If we ask you to draw a picture of the blue chair, you recognize the blueness of the blue chair then draw a picture of  the blue chair.

Now, with the mind, apart from imaginations, a person cannot draw a picture of anything that occurs in their mind.  For example, let us say that you think your full name.  If we ask you to draw a picture of the thought of your last name, you draw a picture of your last name.  Now, what is it about the thought of your last name that tells you it is your last name?  The answer is nothing.  How, then, do  you know a thought of your last name is a thought of your last name?  You know this by assignmettism.  Assignmettism is an identity assigned by your unconscious mind (your unconscious mind was created by God).

Now, the unconscious mind does not consciously communicate with you.  How, then, does the unconscious mind teach you the identity of a given thought?  The answer is that the unconscious mind does not teach you the identity of a given thought.  Rather, the unconscious mind “injects” (note quotes; that is, this is functional, not literal, language) the knowledge of the identity of a given thought then enforces the knowledge of the identity of the thought.