Is God Stronger Than Sex?

Is God stronger than sex?  This is, of course, an interesting question.  First, yes, God is stronger than sex.  However, God has established natural laws; for example, the law of gravity and the laws of thermodynamics (if you drop something, it falls to the ground; if you stop eating, you eventually die).  God virtually always enforces his natural laws.

Now, God has established natural laws that govern human sexuality.  Some of these laws are physical, some are psychological.  One of the psychological laws is the “Law of Sexual Disinhibition,” which we can also call the “Law of Sexual Stupidity.”  The “Law of Sexual Disinhibition” states:

If a person is surprised with a physical, sexual interaction, it is possible for them to suddenly lose the ability to care about doing what is right in a specific way.

In plain English, if one suddenly experiences an unexpected, physical, sexual interaction with a person with whom it is a sin to have such sexual interaction, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, they may be unable to care about refraining from other sinful, sexual activity that they suddenly desire to engage in.  This is why, in the Bible, in Genesis 39:12, Joseph fled a woman who had grabbed him by his coat in an effort to seduce him, leaving his coat in her hands as he fled.