Welcome to the tenth generation of our website dealing with human sexuality.  You may still visit the last generation of our website.

The focus of our website is sexual self-control and optimization of the human sexual experience.  The basis for our sexual philosophy is both ethical and scientific.  The core of our ethical foundation is the Bible.  At the same time we reference both Freud and Jung and those who have followed in their footsteps and improved upon their thinking.  More important than these psychological pioneers and their intellectual descendants is the science of Pneumiatry (Biblical Psychiatry), which includes a mountain of empirical (experimental [real-life]), scientific data and information.  In plain English:

We are smarter than everyone else in the subjects of self-control and intimate relationships.

Past articles may be updated at any time.  It is up to you to make sure you have the latest information.

How Gays Twist a Child's Mind

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How Gays Twist a Child’s Mind (358 KB)

How Gays Tricked the Supreme Court (288 KB)

UPDATED Pneumiatric Revision DSM-5 (35 MB)

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